Okay heres an article i finished up earlier in the week but never got a chance to post.

Just some basic facts in respect of 'scrubbing' and how it affects both adult webmasters and affiliate programs.
Cleaning Up The Myths On Scrubbing.

Time and time again on message boards I see the same old topics regarding scrubbing usually preceded by some company being accused of scrubbing their webmasters surfers to much and the webmasters sales being lower because of the sponsor 'scrubbing' their surfers however, the reality of this is, it isn't the sponsors who control how much or how little the surfers credit card transactions are 'scrubbed'.

The E-Commerce Dilemma.

Irrespective of whether you are an online bookmaker, bakery or adult pay site owner the fact of the matter remains that only credit card fraud is on the increase and, in addition to the rise of online credit card fraud the methods in which the perpetrators of these crimes carry them out is also changing often combating the methods put in place by the online transaction processors to stop this happening luckily however, this is where 'scrubbing' comes into effect.

So What Is Scrubbing?

Scrubbing is a method used by the credit card processor that the companies who's site you are sending a surfer to uses. Scrubbing is in effect, a method of calculating the probability that any single transaction (or group of transactions) could be fraudulent. That is to say, is being carried out by someone other than the true owner of the credit or debit card.

Scrubbing is probably the single most useful tool provided to our sponsors by the credit card processors to ensure that every transaction that gets sent to them is credible and, once the transaction is allowed (or not) a part of the information contained with the transaction is sent to a central database to help other clients of that processor guard against receiving unlawful transaction purchases.

How Does Scrubbing Affect Me?

As a webmaster, believe it or not, scrubbing is actually a good thing for you. You know that each transaction processed is first of all a legitimate one and, secondly, you know that the sponsor who you are using is not going to go bankrupt due to excessive illegal transaction. This means that the sponsor can improve the services they offer YOU as a webmaster to assist you in making more money.

In essence, the scrubbing of credit card transactions at a sponsors level increases the amount of money you make long term not only with that individual sponsor but, with every other sponsors who uses the same transaction processor.

Article written by Lee.
Hopefully one of the processor reps we have visiting the board can give us all some additional information on how the scrubbing process works too :groovy: