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    giving credit

    A post on another board about "Who got you into the industry" got me thinking about the people I consider to be part of my internet family.

    I owe a lot to a lot of people. There are certain people in this industry I will always love and respect, he's one of them. My first show was ia2000 in miami before it even was internext. I just want to take this opportunity to kow tow to my mentors, collegues and friends who have been such great support over the years:

    Aly Drummond...forever my king
    Patrick Curran...forever my queen

    Karl Edwards
    Morgan Sommer
    Tim Lutz
    Scott Rabinowicz
    Tony Rios
    Stewart Martin
    Tina Fiori
    the list could go on.......

    There are many more who have have affected me, but this is my own little family within the adult internet world.

    You have all made a difference and an impact in both my professional and personal lives and showed me that those two personalities don't have to be mutually exclusive. I love you all and thank you for everything.

    We all have people to thank/acknowledge...take an opportunity to do so here, what better place?

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    In the mood for giving thanks huh?

    My thanks have to go to Fazman for all the hours he has spent chatting with me in messengers over the last year or two...

    He has the patience of a saint honestly.. Because of time differences (not to mention my love of red wine), Im usually totally sozzled when I chat with Ja yet he still puts up with me - god knows why!!

    AE was born from a drunken idea a year back - and if it wasnt for Ja reminding me about the idea the next day it would never have developed into what it is today!

    So, thanks Ja - Your for sure my fav str8 guy!!
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    I'm touched, Jason.

    Thank you! :bandana:

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