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    Guys, help me out. I thought a gay search engine / directory would spark loads of webmasters to add their sites to it. However, after announcing the site on a yahoo group for gay webmasters, no one has added their pages. How should I better get a site like this off the ground (ie building lots of good links) and am i doing something wrong?

    Thanx so much in advance,

    Oh yeah, the site -

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    I just added my siye to your directory., I put it under Race and Ethnicity category.

    Suggestion: Have a black category, don't lump the ebony sites in an "ethnic" category, because the type of surfer looking for "Big Dick Black Studs" is way different than a surfer into "Smooth Asian Twinks", you know?

    As far as getting webmasters to add their links, well, there are a LOT of link lists out there. I do prefer gay lists over straight, but every list wants a recip, many of them INSIST on the recip being right on my front index page, some even insist I place their recip above my enter button. I have limited space for recips before my pages start to look like banner farms. I know you want a recip, but everybody can't be on my index page. So don't be too strict about that.

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    Thanx for the input, I don't really mind where the recip is as long as it will be seen. As far as the cats go, I did add black as a catunder race and moved your link there. Hope that is alright.


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    Thank you for being so receptive.

    I just know how I am, when I am on a link list or TGP my eyes roam alphabetically, as the categories are usually listed. I pass Asian and Amateur looking for Black under B, if I don't see it I will go down to E for Ebony...after that I, as a typical surfer, may not scan further to an unusual category like "Race and Ethnicity"

    On a TGP, imagine I visit Ethnic and see a gallery description like "Big Dick". I don't know if it's a black or arab or pakistani or japanese boy, you know? So I will probably not bother clicking that link.

    I'm just a big fan of targeting traffic and labelling thigs for the traffic you are trying to attract.

    Thanks again


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    maybe nobody is using your site because nothing about it really sets it out from the 100s of other gay lists/directories using a Links type script. If you don't have some kind of original angle your directory won't make it. Why not concentrate on one specific niche, such as a jock directory? Just an example and a good idea...

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