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Thread: Any Significant Startup costs?

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    Any Significant Startup costs?

    As my last post (Hosting CostsÖ) indicates, Iím looking into setting up my own pay site. Iím currently working on AVS sites and so I donít have the first clue as to the challenges Iíll be faced with in this endeavor and would really appreciate your input.

    I have about a trillion questions but Iím just gonna bother you guys with the more important onesÖ

    - Are the any Huge/Significant upfront costs in terms of hosting and/or payment processing that I need to consider? (Iím familiar with the new Visa policy requiring a $750 startup fee) I remember a few years ago some one told me that there was a $200,000 startup cost to set up streaming video. Is that right?

    - Is it still possible today to find a good payment processor that will process BOTH visa and mc (including checks and phone billing)ÖAND also provide a good rev sharer program? Would CCBill be the answer?

    - Is hosting really that expensive? Would 6000GB of transfer per month cost nearly $10,000 (if not more)?

    These are only some of the questions that come to mind right now. Is there anything else I should know? Are there any future milestones I should prepare for? Anything I should know that might make me reconsider going through with this costly project?

    thanks a lot guys. I really appreciate itÖ


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    SnowBoy, there are several options with your billing, depending on where you live and what type of risk you want to take (you can still get a verotel account for no setup fee anywhere in the world, but that is not recommended!!!) Like I mentioned in your other post, contact me! I have personally help set up several dozen successful paysites and ALL of them are still running and are all hosted with us! I will help you with your billing requirements, your security, your hosting, etc. Oh, btw, 6000G transfer a month would cost around $2-2.5K, depending on how you want it set up, not 10K+! However, if you are pushing 6000G you will likely have about 80 to 100 signups a day with a base of at least 1000, so you will be making good money by then.



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