If you are using Spam Arrest to filter out unwanted spam please ensure that the address you have the addresses webmaster@ and admin@ gay wide webmasters (dot) com as a 'friendly' email.

The last few days we have had an excessive amount of bounced emails hitting our servers because people have Spam Arrest installed AND topic reply notification turned on in their profile.

Whilst we appreciate the amount of spam many webmistress' and webmasters receive on a daily basis is not good we would also ask that if you are using notification emails on GWW you can understand that having a few hundred emails bouncing back to our servers as undelivarable can not only slow the server down considerably but, may also cause it to fail.

The easiest solution for everyone would be for you to add the two email addresses above to your filtering on Spam Arrest or, to turn of topic reply notifications in your control panel at the top of the board

With that said, its good to see the community forum picking up pace and i hope you all had an enjoyable weekend.