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Thread: Shameless plug: all original 18-22 twinks, brand new revshare program

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    Shameless plug: all original 18-22 twinks, brand new revshare program

    Hi, all.

    We at have recently launched a new revshare program for our site.

    Our site features all exclusive, original photography of cute American teens (18-22, but most are 18-19.)

    We've been getting phenomenal reviews (site of the month at allboy mag, great review at and a lot of our revshare partners are reporting 1:80 and 1:50 conversions.

    Payout starts at 40% and goes to 50% as soon as total referred revenue reaches $250. About 30% of our members opt for a 3 month membership ($40 signup), so there's good cash involved.

    We've got TGP galleries, several banners, and can produce just about any other marketing materials you need. We'd love to have you as a revshare partner!

    Please feel free to contact us ( with any questions or suggestions!



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    Great to see ya here, Chip.

    I can attest to how well BoyFunk has done for me.
    1:20 the first day I'd put them up. A whole lot of 90 day memberships and even 1 or 2 180 day memberships, not to mention lots of recurrings. It's been less than a month since I've had it up so have yet to see how things go on rebills but as I look at it now, the vast majority of recurring memberships are still active.
    Boyfunk's also become a hot topic on my discussion boards. So my users are definitely liking it!

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