Just been listening to Darren's show and realized that i had written this article a few months ago.

Some of you may get a lot of use out of it and youll also be doing the right thing too :thumbsup:

Redirecting Questionable Adult Traffic.

The one thing almost all reputable adult webmasters agree on is that one way or the other, we want to rid the net of those webmasters that profit from traffic primarily gained from either the direct promotion of or, targeting of, keywords relating to child pornography however, how can you tell what traffic you are being sent and, more importantly, how can you do something about the type of traffic that you receive to your site in order to filter out this unwanted traffic? The answer is simple, use a script to redirect the traffic elsewhere before it even hits your site.

Child Porn Redirection Php Script.

The following php script when used on your server will enable you to send unwanted traffic gained by the promotion of using 'illegal' keywords in the search engines and sites which link to your own.

PHP Code:
<!-- Start Copy Here -->

// Redirect "Lolita" traffic

$refer_full_path "$HTTP_REFERER"."$PATH_INFO";

preg_match("/lolita/i"$refer_full_path)) ||
preg_match("/child/i"$refer_full_path)) ||
preg_match("/preteen/i"$refer_full_path)) ||
preg_match("/pre-teen/i"$refer_full_path)) ||
preg_match("/****/i"$refer_full_path)) ||
preg_match("/underage/i"$refer_full_path)) ||
preg_match("/beast/i"$refer_full_path)) ||
preg_match("/rape/i"$refer_full_path)) ||
preg_match("/kinder/i"$refer_full_path)) ||
preg_match("/incest/i"$refer_full_path)) ||
preg_match("/kiddie/i"$refer_full_path))) {_

("Location: $refer_full_path");


header("Location: [url]http://www.fbi.gov/?CHILD_PORN_ON_DISK_LOGGED_AND_REPORTED[/url]");
<!-- End Copy Here -->
In order to use this script, simply add additional keywords or partial word matches to the top part of the script and, include the bottom half of the script at the top of your HTML coding.

Any traffic being sent to your site via keywords which you have specifically told the script not to allow access to your web site will be forwarded to the url in the bottom part of the php script which again, can be changed to wherever you like.

Article written by Lee.