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Thread: Starting A Gay TGP Site

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    Eric Exposed1

    Starting A Gay TGP Site

    Hey Everyone,

    I have been reading a lot of topics on this board lately. I am really impressed with the amount of information that webmasters are sharing with each other. I learned so much here that I decided to register and post my first topic!

    A few years ago I got sucked into the world of live streaming video web sites. I was spending quite a bit of time and money as a voyeur watching and chatting with the hottest cam models that I could find. I soon thought that this was something that I wanted to try for myself. For 2 and a half years I lived on web cam. I had a camcorder on a tripod with a very long cord going back to my computer. The site made enough money to make it worth the time and energy that I put into it. I also got tons of packages of items from members and guests of my site who only wanted to see me with that item on my web cam. Underwear, linen, or clear plastic shower curtains. :>

    The hardest part of this venture was getting steady traffic to my site. No one wants to log into a chat room right before a scheduled show only to find a handful of people in the audience. I swapped as many banners as I could without turning my pages into banner farms. I did a lot of posting to various newsgroups which help to get some fresh traffic. What helped me the most was making thumbnail gallery pages and posting them to TGP sites. I had finally found the off ramp to the super freeway. I had only wished I had started doing it sooner. By this time though I was tired of being the meat on cam and decided to end my site . I may start it up again or just build cam sites for other guys. Before doing it again I need to have a strong foundation of steady gay traffic. That is why I decided to start my own TGP site.

    I have been looking into many different tgp programs out there. Most of them are either free or cheap. I don't mind spending the money for something that will save me time. I was all set on trying out "Cliff's Thumbnail Gallery Post Script Version 1.05" Then I ran across JMB's "Auto Gallery Professional " What I liked about this program is it generates a password so that submitters must enter it manually. I blocks cheaters and auto submits.

    I guess my first question here is what is the best TGP program to use? I want something that saves me time, ban and blacklist cheaters, and also make it easy to use for the honest webmaster who wants to post his gallery.

    One other thing. Where can I go to read up on how these programs work. I understand HTML. I don't hard code. I either use Dreamweaver or Front Page. I have no background in Perl, Unix, or CGI. I have a tech friend who is going to help me but how much of what else do I need to know to run a TGP?

    Any replies to this will be greatly appreciated,



    PS My site is registered but am still waiting on the hosting to get set up.

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    Hi Eric!

    Welcome "officially" to the board!

    There are a ton of TGP scripts out there and deciding on the best is difficult.

    The best I can offer is this - I use Auto Gallery Pro. You mentioned that as one you looked at. While the setup is relatively easy, having a tech friend is a good thing, just in case you run into some permissions setting problems (which is something I do all the time). The instructions are easy to follow, and detail what permissions settings, folders and files that are needed.

    AGP uses templates that you can edit the site, submission and success pages with some ease. You can pull these templates into front page or dreamweaver to edit them, you just need to remember to save them in filename format that AGP wants (really not hard instead of .html it may be .thtml).

    The most difficult thing I found with AGP is knowing the root path information for your server. And this isn't AGP issue it's typically mine, because I forget to write it down every time I get the info LMAO.

    Once it's set up and running, it's all a matter of selecting and clicking. Select an option and click the button. Select build pages and click - the pages are generated for you. Select the option for submissions in the queue and your given a list of submissions (you can pick and choose those that are approved or approve/reject/ban the entire queue with just a couple of clicks) Functionally, it's one of my favorites. A no brainer when you get used to it.

    The longest part of the setup for me was deciding on site designs. Once I had that done it was a matter of copy and past the info into the template manager. The script uses special codes for variable information which are easy to use (nothing is over the top) and the newer versions let you get as detailed or as general as you'd like - a listing on your site can say "gallery 1" or "10 Pics of Twinks Doing the Nasty" LMAO

    We have a number of separate TGP sites and AGP is the core for all of them. I run a gauntlet of adminís for every site we have daily, and I'm finished with the TGP sites in minutes... it's that simple.

    Hmmmm Now that I look at it Auto Gallery Pro seems to be my choice LOL

    There's my two cents!

    If you need anything, please feel free to ask or let us know!

    Best regards,

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    Eric Exposed1

    Thanks for getting back to me. I read your reply and decided to take your advice. I am meeting with my tech friend today. Hoping he can help set up auto gallery pro.


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    a lot of people swear by brownie but since agp recently updated its tgp's not worth the cost...

    go for agp

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    AGP is awesome for the price, it is extremely easy to setup and to use and can be set to be fully automated if you do not have the time.

    Good luck with the setup, if you need any help there are a lot of us here that can assist. And once you get your TGP up and running be sure to post the url here so that we can all submit and/or enjoy your site.



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    Well that solves the question of software for the new venture but not the original problem of traffic

    Take *my* TGP... please it's gotten 3 hits this week.

    Seriously, with all the free porn and TGPs out there if you want to do anything with it be ready with partners ready to feed it traffic or buy traffic that may or may not convert. If you go that route have a few bucks tucked away to handle bandwidth bills in the meantime.

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    I use AGP on a number of sites and agree, it's very easy to use and set up. I'm not the brightest when it comes to installing scripts, but rarely have a problem with AGP. If it 500's on me, I know it's the admin directory that should be 755 instead of 777

    I'm working on another TGP, then will become a traffic whore. NO trades turned down . I have a few sites that have a lot of traffic but aren't TGPs but plan to expand and begin linking and trading around a bit to expand things.

    After I get it up, err, get the new TGP up, I'll work on my gay link list. I managed to snag a great domain name and once the script is written for me and I hook up with Scorpio to design it *hint hint* I'll post it so y'all can submit your sites.

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