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Thread: Lee! Enough With TopBucks!

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    Angry Lee! Enough With TopBucks!

    Why don't you give some of the other guys a shot in your banner rotation on here? Don't get me wrong, i like topbucks, but there are a lot of other nice gay only programs that you should be promoting. This is a semi-spammy post as i'm gonna give you my favorite example, but really what i want is to stop seeing a bazillion topbucks free content sites over and over, there are enough already.
    Since this is a big place for new webmasters, u should introduce them to some of the less well known guys who convert just as well if not better.
    Anyway, here is my big recommend, i've been giddy since I found this place, it converts like a dream, the content is all original, and the guys who own it are really nice:
    Blue Loot aka Randy Blue
    Easily as good as topbucks but not nearly so oversaturated, I haven't really seen their free content on any of the avs's, except a little on ugas. Please, just give them a try!

    PS - I did include my referal code, but this isn't a spam. I've never made a "referal bonus" or anything like that from my webmaster referal codes so I don't have little $ signs in my eyes or anything, from what i've seen promoting referal codes to other webmasters is useless except for as a way to share resources you like.

    Anyone have any comments about any of this?

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    Top Bucks is the annual sponsor for this forum. This rotation isn't a free banner exchange. This is a paid campaign and part of Top Bucks marketing plan. They are top company with more to offer than so many other companies out there.

    There is more information available (links, advertisers, etc) in the directory itself.

    If Randy Blue or any site would like to inquire about advertising in the directory, they can certainly send me an email -


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