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    You do realize by 'gay' I mean a man who has sex with other men?
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    WTF? Only In America

    California Man sues CBS, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake

    CORONA, CA (Corona Times) - A man is suing CBS, Janet Jackson and
    Justin Timberlake for an on-air incident involving the exposure of one
    of Ms. Jackson's breasts.

    Steve Bosell of Corona, California has filed a lawsuit claiming that
    the incident left him physically ill, induced vomiting,
    psychologically scarred his children and has ruined sexual relations
    with his wife.

    "I just couldn't believe what I saw during the Superbowl Halftime
    Show. How could CBS allow Justin Timberlake to expose one of Janet
    Jackson's breasts on the air?" Bosell said. "I had just eaten two
    foot long sub sandwiches, which I bought at the local Subway sandwich
    shop. When Janet's breast appeared on TV I became physically ill and
    vomited before I could even make it to the restroom".

    According to the lawsuit, filed within an hour of the incident by
    Riverside attorney Delores Blasingame, Mr. Bosell claims his children
    were psychologically scarred because they were first frightened and
    then laughed at him.

    "My own children ran away from me screaming like I was some sort of
    puking boogeyman who was coming to get them. After I finished
    vomiting on the living room floor, the children realized I was in a
    weakened, pathetic state and began to laugh at me. I am now in the
    process of hiring psychiatrists for my children." Bosell said in a
    strained voice.

    "Later in the evening, my wife refused to be intimate with me after I
    had cleaned up. When she finally agreed to be intimate and took her
    top off in the dim light of our bedroom, all I could see was Janet
    Jackson's big ugly breast with a metal star covering the nipple
    staring back at me. Then to top it off, I swear that it morphed into
    Michael Jackson's face! I suddenly realized I was still aroused with
    Michael's face staring back at me. At this point my manhood totally
    stopped working" Bosell said while breaking down sobbing. "I don't
    think I'll ever be able to get it up again!"

    CBS and representatives for Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake did
    not return calls regarding Mr. Bosell's lawsuit.

    "I demand compensation because CBS, Janet Jackson and Justin
    Timberlake went absolutely out of their way to make me look like a
    fool" Mr. Bosell said. "I am asking other people to come foward and
    join my lawsuit against CBS, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake."

    Mr. Bosell can be reached through his attorney Delores Blasingame at

    Copyright 2004 - Corona Times
    Now thats just fucked up.



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    Did he ever consider food poisoning, indigestion or virus; that children laugh at everything or that his wife may not have been easily arounsed by a man who barfs at the site of a breast? It was unexpected, but it certainly wasn't vomit inducing, and I think he is the one in need of help.

    Yep, only in our suit happy USA! :bow:
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    The part I, literally, laughed at was the children... they don't need the therapy. They didn't have boobs morphing into Michael Jackson's face.

    I was wondering who would be the first to try to cash in on this one.



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    Its funny, on the news here in Australia they were playing that clip again and again and every time the news readers would be almost laughing when they read the part about the lawsuits, etc.

    I wish the US would grow up, its just a tit after all ...and we all know it is not even real



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    OK, now that is the most silly thing I've ever heard. But what confuses me is the timeline... the lawsuit was filed within an hour, but it goes on about how later that night he could't get it up. Did he try to have sex before the game was over? And who'd wanna screw someone who'd just barfed up two footlong hotdogs in the last few minutes? And how did he know about the star on her tit, which was only visible in still, upclose photos that were only available the following morning? Unless he was sitting five inches away from a 6 foot wide screen, he wouldn't have been able to see the star jewelry, and sitting that close to the screen would be the more likely thing to cause the barfing.

    Or two footlong Subway Subs.

    Are we sure this isn't lifted from "the Onion" or "The Spoof"?

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    Ok Lee I dont know where you found that but thats a character done by a talk radio guy named Phil Hendrie. He does a talk show where he does chracters that the listners think are real. The "guests" then say something really out there to get the listeners who dont know its fake to call in and make fools of themselves.

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    Are people bored or what?

    ok... are people bored or what? and is it because i'm European that i really don't understand what's all the fuss about this Janet Jackson story. I'm sorry but DAMN!! It's just a fucking breast! I knew this country was very puritanist but come on. This is going to the extreme.

    "The fiasco also affected NBC, which decided to remove a glimpse of an elderly patient's breast in Thursday's episode of "ER."
    The network said Wednesday it had "unfortunately concluded that the atmosphere created by this week's events has made it too difficult for many of our affiliates to air this shot."

    "MTV also suffered fallout. The school board in Laguna Beach, Calif., voted unanimously Wednesday to forbid the network to build a reality show around the lives of its high school students."

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    She Devil
    geez... all the gay guys I know didn't puke at the site of her tit... so what gives a str8 guy the authority to claim that?!

    poor Janet... that really doesn't help a womans self esteem

    >>When Janet's breast appeared on TV I became physically ill and

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    Funny how this story has made the rounds so fast. It's been proven to be just what we thought... a spoof story from somewhere. But it's funny that this story has exploded to become the biggest story so far of the year.

    And Dubya slept through it.

    Just like the last four years, actually.

    (sorry.. had to get at least one dig in.)

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