Okay im writing this article 'on the fly' so to speak so bear with me if it goes a little astray in places

There's Face Value And Then There Is Real Value

How often do we sign up to affiliate programs based on their standard terms of service for example, Sponsor A will pay you $35 for every signup you send to them and they tell you they convert at roughly 1:200 whilst Sponsor B will pay you $30 per signup and they convert at roughly 1:200 also, which of these scenarios straight off the bat will make you the most money? Think about your answer first then read on.

Negotiate The Figures

Most, if not all of us would have immediately chosen Sponsor A for the pure fact that they pay you $5 more per signup and they convert at the same rate as Sponsor B however, how many of us would have written or icq'd Sponsor B and asked them to raise thier payout? Not many of us I would guess. With that said, what is to stop you from emailing a certain 'Sponsor B' if you are able to convert consistently at their published 1:200 and asking for a higher pay rate to ocntinue sending your traffic to them? Nothing at all and, surprisingly enough, i would guess that for most programs, they would actually increase your payout if you have a history with them.

Haggling The Costs

The example above used a sponsor as the main focus however, how many times have you spent money at a content provider? A hosting company? A traffik broker? Have you actually taken a moment to ask these companies if they would give you a lower rate on the services they are providing you with? Again, i bet not many of us have i know it was only recently when i started asking for long term customer discounts and the likes. In fact, from the first point of contact you have with any company online, be they an adult web host, adult traffic broker, content provider or, in fact, an affiliate program, spend an extra few seconds when you first sign up and see how they can improve their service for YOU. To your surprise they might just cut you a deal that is unmatched anywhere else!

Dont Undersell Their Products

With the above said, one thing that you need to be aware of is that if you start making absurd price cuts from these companies you will probably be told to politely take a running jump however, lets say you were going to be charged $50 for something, ask them if you can get the same service at a 10% discounted rate if you use them again, perhaps not even on the first purchase but on the scond, the third, etc.

By contacting these companies directly and not just going on 'face value' even if you only save yourself one or two dollars per purchase over a year those odds and ends soon add up to a nice saving.

Saving Money - Recap

In essence many of us take things at face value whether we are talking to friends and peers or whether we are paying for goods and services but, by at leasting asking for a discount on our purchase the worst thing that will happen is that you get told 'no' however, on the flipside of the proverbial coin, you might just find yourself a better bargain than you had already found in the first place and thats some food for thought.

Article written by Lee.
Okay i think that makes sense and as the article itself says, no matter if you only save a dollar or two every time you purchase something, thats still a dollar in your bank account at the close of business.