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Thread: Needing To Move Up...

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    Needing To Move Up...

    Hey all,

    Im new here and looking for some help. I own a webcam site, well 2. I currently get over 2,000 hits a day for each, I realise that I need to get more, I want to average 10,000 daily. Do any of you people have any tips? I dont mind paying for advertising, But im looking for worthwhile traffic sources, or any deals going about. Thank you for your help


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    Welcome to the forum first of all

    Okay couple of questions for you...

    What type of traffic are you currently getting? Search engine? TGP? Link List etc?

    Secondly, what have you done in order to get the 2k hits a day to these sites at the moment? My best advice would be to duplicate what you have already been doing so far in order to build up a higher traffic base. Obviously depending on the type of traffic you are after that will also influence the ways you can increase your traffic.



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    well they mainly come from toplists, theres only a small amount of them about thats worthwhile, so I have to look at bigger options. I paid for advertising from altagaylinks, thats definetely worth it. Im looking for bigger traffic sources, submitting individually to TGP is too time consuming

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    Gay SlideShows
    I doubt that I can provide you with more trafic that altagaylinks could, but I am looking for sponsors for my site Gay SlideShows. Try reading into "advertise".

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