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Thread: Your favorite age

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    Your favorite age

    I'm finding more reasons to appreciate my age as it comes to me. Granted, I'm still a young little fucker! (well, not in this industry, i'm 27) But as far as life experience goes....

    Looking back I'm so much more aware of what I truly enjoyed about each phase of my life thus far...and of those phases that I wouldn't want to re-live for anything. It's funny how time, age and experience change you. Particularly as a gay man, where age seems to always be such a matter of drama, it's nice to realize the subtleties of change that come with age.

    I'm sitting here listening to "These Are The Days" by 10,000 Maniacs and it's prompted me to wonder. Are these the days? Am I missing out on realizing the joy of this moment. Will I look back 10 years from now and think "Those were the days."

    I love getting to know the people here. There is so much talent, so many interesting stories. In the interest of getting to know ourselves and each other a little better, my question is this: What is your favorite age? Is it in the past? Are you anticipating it in your future? Or is it just that you love the moment you're in, whatever moment that might be?

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    well Im 42 and I dont think i would go back in time - its past and I have learned from my mistakes (* for the most part)

    but now I am having the best times of my life, still have some friends from highschool, but the people I have met in this industry are better than any bud's I had in highschool.

    Who would want to go through that awkward stage of wondering why you admire The village people, queen and barryM then secretly visit your mom's closet to check out outfits for saturdays night visit to the theater to see RockyHorrorPictureShow!!!

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    Re: Your favorite age

    Originally posted by 123Jason

    I'm sitting here listening to "These Are The Days" by 10,000 Maniacs and it's prompted me to wonder. Are these the days? Am I missing out on realizing the joy of this moment. Will I look back 10 years from now and think "Those were the days."
    wow jason, you are so sensitive. You're not a lesbian trapped in a gay man's body are you? :long: :beauty:

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    I have to say I try to be a "Live in the moment kind of guy". I have fond memories of the past adventures and have hopes and plans for the future... But somewhere along the line I learned that it's the here and now I need to deal with.

    I don't know how I got here. I spent a lot time freaking about the past and worrying about the future at one point or another it changed for me.

    There are certain things, in a future sense, that I do think about and plan for like my business, is the check going to clear, will the mortgage get paid.

    But the real life stuff... my joys, disgusts and all around well being exist at the moment for me. That's the best way I can explain it.


    Hey Drew - Wouldn't that make him a straight man? I dunno. LMAOPIP


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    the experiences of our yesterdays make us who we are today. at every age i've had a lot of great and wild times, and the only thing i regret about my age today is that i don't still look 26 ;-)

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    favorite age of my life...

    moreso than a particular age - would be life in blocks of 5...

    age 15, age 20, age 25 etc..
    5 little years..
    even LOOKING at the numbers - 15, 20, 25 brings to mind memories
    of how we were at "those" ages... and what a BIG difference just
    5 short years can make...

    having said that...
    it gives me butterflies in my tummy to think - what will my
    life be like 5 years from NOW... ??

    looking back over the past 5 years - there have been so many
    changes... I have learnt so much... I have moreso than ever
    taken hold of the importance of - loved ones, family, friends,
    relationships - - - and how spending time on those are so
    much more important than the process needed to acquire "things"...

    there are people here - online in our online lives that won't
    even be part of our lives 12 months from now... and some of
    those people - we sometimes spend more time with than our own
    "center of influence/love circle" - - - sometimes - - - just
    become more aware of that when overworked - makes a WORLD of
    Difference... helps one to take a step back... refocus...
    and make better use of one's time...

    it's hard through a monitor - to figure out - who's real...
    who's got a good heart... who's someone that in the face-to-face
    world you would really be associating yourself with if it weren't
    for them being in the Adult Online Business Industry...

    with life so short - and everyone wanting to make the most of
    their life / time... I constantly strive to improve my ability
    to stop - and listen to my inner voice... when I do listen...
    I hear the voice that warns me to stay away from so and so...
    or when it tells me - there's an honest one... or there's one
    you can trust... or that one is all talk - don't waste the effort...
    or that one won't be around much longer... or that one is
    just plain mean... or that one thinks his shit doesn't stink
    what a pathetic loser he truely is... or that one couldn't
    sell blankets in Antartica... or doesn't that one realize it
    takes spending money to make money... or how can he be successful
    when he's truely so trailer-trash stupid... or when that voice
    tells me that a supposed business professional that asks you to
    eMail them and then doesn't bother to respond to your eMail is
    someone that isn't worth associating yourself with... and it was
    more a blessing that your eMail wasn't answered... otherwise
    little Bell - you may have been working for so and so's company
    and helping them make more $$ - and they don't deserve you...
    hold off little Bell - only go with a good one.. you've got plenty
    of time - watch them... you know from past experience little Bell
    that you are ALWAYS thankful that it didn't work out - - - trust
    that... trust that little Bell - if it's not meant to be - there is
    a reason... and it's always something GOOD for you little Bell...

    now I need to take my meds...
    my inner voice is talking too much...
    and I have pages to build...


    ps. did I get off thread ?? LOL....

    sum it up - - I wouldn't want to go backwards...
    and I don't want to leap into the future... I want to live
    each day as it comes and make the most of each day...
    and do a little bit each day towards my 5 year plan... 10 year plan..
    etc... and review that at the end of each 30 days - 6 months - year... to track progress... and readjust as necessary to decrease
    the distance between where I am and where I am headed...

    eyes and ears WIDE open...


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    one month down the road - just one little month down the road
    since my last post above...

    so much has changed... life AMAZES me....

    journaling is a blessing...

    try it...


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