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    Add Chat

    If you would like to add chat to your site take a look at

    We can set up a chat room in "gay chat" that you designate/request. Your visitors can click a link from your site and directly enter a room that you want created.

    If you have any interest or questions please feel free to contact me at


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    Tisk tisk. We don't allow drive-by spam in these parts. But if you promise to say hello and introduce yourself I'll let it go this one time. Next time I'll have to get out my trusty post-zapper.

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    Sorry Don

    Sorry Don, I didn't realize this was spam. Just trying to help out webmasters that wish to have a place for thier visitors to chat with out having to use thier servers or complicated scripts. No hidden agenda here.

    btw HI

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    Hello chrispcfl,

    It's all good. We are very friendly here. It's only when someone makes thier first few posts as announcements, rather than introductions, that I get tigger happy. The best way to promote your services is to put the info in your sig and then just hang out. You'll network, make friends and connections, and you just might have a little fun in the process. Good to have you aboard. And the chat program seems like a great idea. Good luck! :grin:

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