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Thread: Buy/Sell Website Traffic

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    WTF? Buy/Sell Website Traffic
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    Check out our website for prices on great adult traffic.

    All Traffic Packages Include:

    Real Visitors Direct to Your Website
    Realtime Reporting
    Unlimited Targeting
    Full Online Support(Email and ICQ)
    Quick Activation of Your URL
    Money-Back Guarantee
    ***If we fail to deliver the traffic we promise, and in the amounts you specified with your order, or in the time we say that it will be delivered, you will be refunded 100%. No questions asked!

    ***** Quote from customer *****

    "From my initial purchase of 5,000 visitors I would have been happy converting at 1/1000 I actually converted at 1/600. One day I converted at 1/80!"


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    Why not get paid every time someone visits your website?
    If you have more than 200 page views per day, you may wish to consider selling your exit traffic. Our discrete program guarantees only 1 pop-under per site visit and we'll reward you with one of the highest payout rates in the industry.

    *** NEW ***
    icq: #119001425

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