Okay be forewarned, this article does turn into somewhat of a rant towards the end of it however, i think the message contained in it is something that we all need to be concious of, not only when 'blogging' but in everything we do in order tog ain more traffic or sales.

Blogging For Traffic - An Alternate View

Just recently the adult industry seems to have gone 'blog' crazy in fact, it is almost a daily occurence that webmasters mention a blog of some description on several message forums however, when it comes down to it, does blogging really matter at all? This is what we will take a look at in this article.

What Is A Weblog Or Blog?

A Weblog, or 'Blog' for short, is a kind of website or a part of a website. It is usually, but not always, run by a single person and they publish bits of writing on the Weblog. These bits of writing, called 'entries' or 'posts,' generally appear on the front page of the weblog in reverse chronological order, that is, with the newest entry at the top of the page, with older entries progressively further down.

So How Can Blogging Help Me?

Quite honestly, i dont think it can. Think about it for a moment, you spend an hour or so a day writing a page in your online journal only for it to be erased or archived at a later date, doesnt that seem strange to you? Instead of blogging why dont you actually do something construcitve such as making a .html page out of the text you were going to use for your blog, keyword it up and upload that directly onto your server? Afterall this in itself will benefit you in the long term much more than a quick page that will eventually dissapear from existence. Of course there will always be those people who do succesfully use blogs as a part of their marketing strategy and, kudos to them however, looking at the bigger picture, it makes much more sence to have a fresh HTML page which will remain indefinately on your site that you can keyword and SEO for the search engines rather than somehting that is going to become relatively short lived.

Blogging - Overview.

To be perfectly honest with you, all of this talk of creating a blog to get additional traffic is, in itself just 'hype' unless you have a source of blog owners to link back to your blog or, an hour or so to kill each day wasting your time writing your blog your time really would be much better served coding HTML pages. Afterall, HTML pages have orked for the last 30 years, why all of a sudden have webmasters stopped using them?

Article written by Lee.
If anyone actually owns a blog of their own i would love to hear some feedback from you, has it actually made you any money? Traffic? Has it done anything other than waste your time writing your online journal? This whole thing i'll admit i dont fully understand however as i mention in the article, i just think our time would be much better spent creating PROPER html pages that are tried and tested over the entire lifecycle of the net.